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What is the News Spy?

Cryptocurrencies emerged in 2009, with Bitcoin the first to be rolled out. They came to serve as an alternative and ultimately take over from fiat as the dominant means of exchange and store of value. Over time, they became very volatile due to various issues such as regulation, public trust, criminal ties, and more. Despite that, cryptocurrencies remain the best investment vehicle for regular investors and traders.

Over the past decade, Bitcoin retained its position as an industry leader and provider of direction for the sector. Early investors made massive profits as Bitcoin price started from a few cents to reach its high of $20,000 in 2017. While some people see the price volatility as a hindrance to global adoption, most investors believe it is what generates profitable opportunities for people to become wealthy.

With the vast number of opportunities in the crypto space, we created the News Spy software to take advantage of them. The software generates massive profits for all traders by leveraging on the price volatility of the crypto assets. In the process, the trader is required to so little. As a fully-automated software, the News Spy works 24/7 to ensure all levels of traders earn profits on the platform. Its excellent performance has seen it win several awards, including the ‘BEST CRYPTO TRADING SOFTWARE’ issued by the US Trading Association.

Start your journey towards successful cryptocurrency trading with the News Spy software today!

About Our Team

The News Spy founders converged with the common goal of developing a system that automates the trading process and ensures everyone has the opportunity to earn massive income from cryptocurrency trading. The team members were early investors who made massive profits from the initial crypto wave. However, they were driven by the need to automate the trading process and make it easier for them and other traders to make money from the software.
They partnered with leading software engineers around the world to develop the News Spy software.

The News Spy software was created to purposely trade Bitcoin and other financial instruments with top-notch accuracy. With that, traders can be confident in making daily profits. In addition to its unique performance, the News Spy houses an incredible customer support team, efficient banking system, responsive and convenient user-interface, swift account verification, and access to the best and most reputable brokers in the industry.

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