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News Spy - Intuitive, advanced technology

Intuitive, advanced technology

News Spy utilizes intuitive technological features that ensure all traders earn maximum profits per day with ease. The utilization of VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology enables the software to generate quality trading signals and it executes them accordingly. The time leap feature is another superior technology that allows the News Spy software to be ahead of the crypto market by seconds. This ensures that traders enjoy massive profits from the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.
News Spy - Award-winning program

Award-winning program

News Spy is a leader in the cryptocurrency trading space. As an industry leader, the News Spy software handles market analysis to generate profitable trading signals. It also has other advanced features that boost profit generation.
News Spy - Tight safety and security

Tight safety and security

News Spy is very serious about customer security. Hence, we have implemented various security measures to ensure customer information and money are safe and secure always. The News Spy website is highly encrypted, making it impossible to intercept communication. We also comply with the anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer policies to ensure maximum security for our investors and traders. Our brokers are also carefully selected to ensure they are only offering top services.
News Spy - Accurate technical analysis

Accurate technical analysis

News Spy is coded with various algorithms that allow it to execute accurate trading signals. In this way, it is able to generate accurate market analysis 24/7. The News Spy software works with over 20 technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis tools, enabling it to generate highly profitable and quality trading signals. The AI deployed by the News Spy software tracks the most important market data all the time.
News Spy - Automated trading software

Automated trading software

News Spy is an auto-trading software that trades Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease. It executes trades for users without their intervention. The investor is able to set the trading parameters and the News Spy software will start trading and generating profits on their behalf. The News Spy software continuously scans the market to identify lucrative trading opportunities. The time leap of seconds means the software achieves a high level of trading success. Thanks to the time leap feature, the News Spy knows the market direction before it moves, thus, leading to profits for the traders.
News Spy - Top, reputable broker partners

Top, reputable broker partners

News Spy works with the leading and best brokerage platforms in the world. The platforms are able to provide our traders with the technical and fundamental tools to ensure all their trading requirements are met. Our brokers ensure each trader enjoys a first-class trading experience, excellent banking services, and more. As a result of this, you can confidently trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and generate massive profits daily. Even if you have never traded before and have no understanding of the financial markets, with the News Spy, you can succeed.

Get started with News Spy in three easy steps

Step 1

Sign up

Fill out the application form on the News Spy website and wait for a confirmation email. Once you activate your trading account, you can start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with our software. Keep in mind that the News Spy software doesn’t have any signup fee.

Step 2

Fund the account

Once your News Spy account is activated, you can deposit funds into the account and start trading Bitcoin and other financial instruments. The minimum deposit requirement is $250, after which you can access our brokerage platforms to start trading the assets.

Step 3

Earn profits

The last step is to start trading the crypto-assets and to earn daily profits. Simply set the trading parameters of the software based on your trading preferences. The News Spy software trades for you, and you cash out the profits. You can also select the manual trading mode.

News Spy - Sign up
News Spy - Using the News Spy

Using the News Spy

Using the News Spy software gives our members a sense of accomplishment and success. The fact that you can earn money trading digital currencies with no experience is impressive. The News Spy is an automated software that handles crypto trading with zero human intervention. Our software’s unique algorithms enable it to choose the profitable signals within the crypto market and to execute the trades faster and more efficiently than any human trader.

In addition to this, the News Spy’s user-interface is well-designed, making it easy to navigate on both computer and mobile browsers. The manual trading option is available for traders that wish to be in full control of their trading activities.

Is News Spy legit?

The increasing number of scam projects within the crypto space causes a lot of investors to be skeptical. However, you can sure of dealing with legit software when using the News Spy. The software is a result of months of in-depth research from experts in the field of mathematics, software engineering, and economics, thus, ensuring that the software is legit and the results generated are profitable.

The News Spy software uses several high-end techniques such as the time leap to stay ahead of the general markets and to generate handsome profits for our users. Since its creation, the News Spy software has generated millions of dollars for our members.

News Spy - Is News Spy legit?
News Spy - What is News Spy?

What is News Spy?

News Spy is an automated trading software that has an exclusive community made up of traders and investors making daily profits from trading cryptocurrencies. News Spy members work for just 20 minutes per day, setting up their trading parameters. It doesn’t matter your trading experience level as the News Spy software takes care of everything for you. All the trader has to worry about is enjoying their daily profits.

Be a part of the News Spy family for free today and start earning daily profits!

Why trade with News Spy?

News Spy is leading automated trading software in the crypt space for the following reasons:


1 . Free App for All Traders

News Spy is a free trading app for all members of the community. There are no hidden fees, brokerage commissions, or other costs attached to using the News Spy app. Thus, you get to keep everything you earn using our software.


2. Trade Various Financial Assets

News Spy partners with the leading brokerage platforms in the world to enable our members to trade various financial instruments. The assets include Bitcoin, crypto coins, and tokens like Ether (ETH), XRP, BAT, and Litecoin. Also, the News Spy platform has other financial instrument classes like commodities such as Gold, FX Pairs such as EURUSD and Indices such as the S&P 500.


3. No Downloads - For Mobile and Computer Devices

News Spy software is a web-based software that doesn’t require the user to download, install, or update any app. It is compatible with mobile and computer devices that have updated browsers and internet connection.


4. High Accuracy Levels

News Spy implements excellent trading strategies and takes advantage of advanced technologies to trade cryptocurrencies.


5. Quick Account Sign Up

To join the News Spy community, you have to sign up with us in a process that takes less than a few minutes. Once your News Spy account is approved, you can start using the software for free to generate daily profits.


6. Daily Profits

The high success rate of the News Spy software Can Earn Daily Profits.


7. Swift Account Verification

Our brokerage platforms verify customer accounts instantly. The verification process is quick, and you can start using the News Spy software to trade and earn profits instantly. Our account verification complies with the KYC and AML guidelines.


8. Excellent Banking System

News Spy adopts an excellent banking system to ensure traders don’t have problems depositing and withdrawing funds. We accept multiple payment options, including Credit/Debit cards, popular e-wallets, and Bank wire.


9 . Demo Account

The News Spy demo account is available for an unlimited time and is free of charge. The demo account serves as a great way for traders to learn how the platform works and to test their various trading strategies before trading with real money.


10. Customer Service

News Spy puts great importance on efficient customer service. Thus, the reason why we gathered a team of expert traders to help attend to your trading needs 24/7.

News Spy - Top Features

News Spy has various features that make it advanced and unique within the crypto space.

News Spy - VPS Support

VPS Support

News Spy supports VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. The feature makes it easy for the News Spy to produce trading signals 24/7 and execute the profitable ones. This means you can earn money with the News Spy even while you are away.
News Spy - Demo Account

Demo Account

The demo account is free for all News Spy users for an unlimited time. It provides a trader with an opportunity to test various trading strategies before deploying them with the live trading option.
News Spy - Time Leap

Time Leap

News Spy utilized superior cloud-based technologies to stay ahead of the market by seconds.
News Spy - Trading Criteria Tester

Trading Criteria Tester

This unique feature enables users to test and verify the performance of their trading strategies on the software. Hence, it is easy to enhance and modify the trading parameters before trading with real money.

Frequently asked questions


What steps should I take to start making money with News Spy?

Using the News Spy software to earn money involves only three simple steps. Go to the top of this News Spy official website, and complete the application form, fund your trading account, set up your trading parameters, and start earning daily profits.


How much money can trade make with this software?

Actually, the money a trader makes depends on various trading factors like the capital used, the amount staked per trade, the number of assets traded and executed, and other risk management techniques.


What is the time span for using the News Spy demo account?

The demo account on the News Spy platform is available to use for as long as you wish. It is also free for all traders to use.


What is the projected trading hours on the News Spy daily?

The News Spy is an auto-trading cryptocurrency software, which means you spend less than 20 minutes per day working with the software to set up your trading parameters.


Who should use the News Spy?

There is no special requirement to use the News Spy software. All levels of traders, both beginners, and advanced traders can use the News Spy software to earn daily profits.


What is the cost of using the News Spy software?

News Spy doesn’t attract any cost when using it to trade cryptos and other assets. The software is free for all News Spy community members.


Does the News Spy function like an MLM or an Affiliate Marketing?

No, it doesn’t. The News Spy is an authentic and high-end software that generates daily profits for all registered members by trading Bitcoin and other financial assets.

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